Deborah E. Kennedy

Writer. Editor. Hoosier.


Praise for Tornado Weather

“Much more than the mystery promised in its opening pages, Tornado Weather focuses on the volatile forces of class and race that entangle people and divide them. Each chapter follows different characters, and Kennedy expertly manipulates point of view to reveal the nodes in her complex, interlocking plotlines.
―The New York Times

“Captures the warped and isolated landscape of today’s American Midwest…Though this story is hung on a child gone missing and a tornado on the horizon, the focus is the flawed folks who people it. The author is a fine mimic, inhabiting her characters in such a way that we know them from the inside out….Kennedy’s superb chorus leaves an indelible impression.”
―Publishers Weekly

“As Kennedy takes readers from the trailer park to the McMansions, from the laundromat to the psych ward, she brings this flailing Midwestern town to life. She creates a rich chorus of distinct and authentic voices.”

Moving debut novel…Kennedy’s writing is very good, and her dialogue rings true and keeps the stories moving…Kennedy has painted a distinctive picture of a Midwestern blue-collar town that will remind readers of Richard Russo’s work. Fans of Did You Ever Have a Family, by Bill Clegg, will also find much to admire.”

“Everyone knows someone else’s secret, everyone has a secret held over him or her, and everyone has an opinion on what really happened to Daisy. A beautiful portrait of flawed subjects trying to find meaning and fulfillment.”