Early reviews of TW

Tornado Weather is a little more than two weeks old and is getting attention from some lovely people and places, including WFYI’s John Krull and the Portland-based independent newspaper, Willamette Week. Check the links below for what readers are saying Colliersville and its residents.





One thought on “Early reviews of TW

  1. Dear Deborah,
    My partner was recently in Indiana working with Christel House and she bought your book Tornado Weather. We read to each other and have both been totally captured by your narrative and the style of character exploration which drives the plot. I’m blown away by your ability to get into their minds and hearts with a vivid sculptured contemporary feel, of age old motives. It is a brilliant expose and kind of ‘celebration’ of the raw humanity of alienation, connection, vulnerability and groupism and so much more. I am in awe of the naturalness of getting into the heads of your protagonists and their unique voices. The interconnected threads remind me of the movie in style, ‘Magnolia’.
    I look forward to reading whatever comes next.
    With awe and respect,
    Nodi Ipp


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